BIG4 Renmark Riverfront Holiday Park
Renmark, SA

Olivewood Historic Homestead & Museum

Historic Olivewood Estate Homestead, the original home of Canadian Charles Chaffey, who with his brothers George and William established the Renmark and Mildura Irrigation Colonies.

This State Heritage listed home was built from Murray pine logs using the drop slot system in 1889, it is set in spacious grounds, with a spectacular palm lined drive. The homestead now displays items of the period, and is the hub of our museum complex.

Entering through the Charles Chaffey Centre, you will view many displays including printing machines, photographic equipment, a 1926 Garford fire engine and other reminders of Renmark's development.

A replica of the olive crusher can be seen beside the original olive oil processing building, which houses varied historical items.

The packing shed c1890 displays a collection of equipment which was used in the fruit industry and other varied memorabilia.

Tractors and other implements, some restored, are throughout the complex.

There is an orange orchard, and an olive grove of approximately 90 trees planted in 1890.

Sales of olive oil, other souvenirs and books are available.

Visit and spend as much time as you find it interesting.

Tours, Lunch, Morning and Afternoon teas, by arrangement
Tea and Coffee is available.

Olivewood Historic Homestead & Museum

Twentfirst Street, Renmark, South Australia, 5341

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