The Bend Motorsport Park

The Bend Motorsport Park is the major feature of our precinct. Come and experience everything that this precinct has to offer. Revel in the ambience of the Welcome Centre Car Display and the views of this amazing state of the art facility. A must for all motor enthusiasts. 

The Bend Motorsport Park will accommodate all motoring disiplines 'through one gate'.

Inspired by some of the worlds most iconic race circuits.

The Bends drift, kart and rally cross circuit is a multi-purpose facility, being built specifically for these three main disciplines. The surrounding viewing mounds provide a colesseum like atmosphere.

The quarter mile dragway, designed in consultation with the Australian National Drag Association to meet Group 1 drag racing standards will allow for all forms of drag racing.

80 hectares of challenging terrain, including rock and log obstacles, various inclines and decents, water and mud courses will allow drivers to challenge themselves and their vehicle in a safe environment within the 4WD Adventure Park.  



Call: 0881 655 740

The Bend Motorsport Park

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