BIG4 Stuart Range Outback Resort
Coober Pedy, SA

Don't miss the stunning Kanku-Breakaways

Located just 32km north of Coober Pedy, the heritage-listed Kanku–Breakaways Conservation Park should not be missed!

One of the highlights of our popular Coober Pedy Outback Bus Tours, you will soon see why, when you take in the breathtaking views of these colourful low hills.

The Kanku–Breakaways Conservation Park is Aboriginal owned and covers almost 15,000 hectares. Permits must be purchased to visit this icon of the outback. Or if you are a guest on our Coober Pedy Outback Bus Tour, then you entrance fee is covered. 

You might recognise these colourful hill from advertisements or movies such as 'Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome' and 'Ground Zero'. 

Keep your eyes open for a variety of desert wildlife, including red kangaroos and echidna, along with 60 native flora species. If you are on the Coober Pedy Outback Bus Tour, our knowledgeable guide will point out interesting highlights along the way.

Whether you visit with you own vehicle, or join our tour, you will not regret making the 70km round-trip and make sure to stop and see the amazing, ever-stretching Dog Fence while you are out there too!

Don't miss the stunning Kanku-Breakaways

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