BIG4 Cairns Crystal Cascades Holiday Park

Escape The Ordinary

Cairns (pronounced by many as ‘cans’) is the ultimate destination to escape your ordinary everyday life. 

A relaxed yet vibrant City rimmed by a gorgeous mountain back drop, it's just so different to the hustle & bustle of your work life. The warm tropical scented air will instantly relax you.

Not only does it have plenty of wining and dining options that you will feel right at home in your casual attire; but the ease of accessability to so many wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef brings you to pristine clear waters, hidden treasures, unchanged landscapes and some of the best snorkelling & diving in the world;  All providing you with plenty of activities to rekindle your sense of adventure


Cairns is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to experience an escape from everyday life and is very accessible with so much to experience: 

  • To start with our gorgeous city itself. Locals take it for granted, but the tropical gardens and lush green foliage are very different from so many other Australian cities. You’ll feel like a world away from the moment you breathe the heady scented tropical air.
  • The whole region is just so laid back, you'll want to be part of it. The climate is very encouraging to get out and about, feel the sand between your toes on some of the palm fringed Northern beaches. Or take a quick boat ride to one of our Tropical Islands just a short distance away. 
  • Partake in some of the numerous brilliant walking tracks and bike paths weaving throughout the city. One of the walks starts right from our park.
  • The spectacular Cairns Esplanade offers an array of fine and casual dining experiences. Pull up a chair, grab a glass and people watch - it's a Cairns thing to do.
  • The Great Barrier Reef – Cairns is the perfect stepping stone to indulge in some of the world’s most spectacular dive and snorkelling sites. Starting from as little as a 2 hour round trip.
  • An abundance of markets - selling a variety of tropical fruits and vegetables provided by local growers and arts and crafts aplenty where you can purchase those unique gifts. 

So come on up to the warmth - indulge in a relaxed holiday getaway!

....and oh how do you really pronounce our place? Cairns is like 'air' - [the stuff we breathe] with a C in front and the ns at the end. Very easy to say, it rolls off the tongue. Sitting back in your shorts and tee shirt, a beverage in the hand in a comfy chair to soak up the warmth. It's relaxed in everyone's language! 


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