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Charley's Chocolate Tour

Charley's is unique in Australia and one of only a few places in the whole world where you can experience the whole amazing journey of chocolate from “Cocoa Tree to Chocolate Bar”.

Here are some of the highlights of the tour:
A look at the fascinating 3,800 year history of cocoa.
Visit the tree nursery and a mature cocoa tree plantation.
See the tiny orchid-like flowers and ripe cocoa pods.
Look at age old fermentation and drying techniques.
See a cocoa pod being opened and taste cocoa nibs.
Take part in some of the steps of making actual chocolate.

The high point of the tour is sampling and tasting Australian grown and made premium chocolate. Also featured are several Pacific Island region varieties.

Naturally, their entire selection of chocolate and much more is available for you to buy.

A yummy lunch made with local produce is included.

A Charley’s Chocolate tour is also ideal for social and corporate groups. A customised program can also be arranged. There is coach access and parking.


4068 5011


388 El Arish Mission Beach Road, Queensland, 4852

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