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Atherton Tablelands - Amazing Birdlife

The Atherton Tablelands is reknowned for the many and varied species of birdlife that can be found, some right here in our own Park.

Ask us for our Park birdlist when you visit.  We are also able to provide Birdlists for Atherton, the Atherton Tablelands region and Hasties Swamp, which is a "must see" for avid birdwatchers, located within a short drive of our Park.


The Atherton Tablelands are renowned for the many and varied species of birdlife that can be found, some right here in our Park.

We are fortunate to have the Townsville Bird Club provide us with a list of birds which have been seen either in the Park or flying overhead. A full copy may be obtained from Reception. However, just to tempt you, some of the birds which may be found here or have been seen flying over the Park, include the:

Emerald Dove, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, many species of the Honeyeater such as the Blue-faced, Macleay's, Lewin's and Yellow-spotted. You may also see many varieties of Dove, such as the Emerald, Peaceful, Bar-shouldered and Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove. The Brown Goshawk, Wedge-tailed Eagle and Black Kites have also been seen.

Of special interest, is our close proximity to Hasties Swamp, formerly known as the Nyleta Wetlands.

At Hasties Swamp you will find a 2-storey bird hide which has fantastic views across part of the Swamp and neighbouring hills and is part of the Queensland Heritage Trails Network. 

We gladly welcome birdwatching groups to stay in the Park. If anyone has any photos they would like to share with us, we would love to display them on our website.

Please ask at Reception for our brochures on locals who provide fantastic bird and wildlife tours. 

We would like to thank "Julie Reid", a Park guest, who provided us with these beautiful photos.

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