Holoverse is a family friendly tourist attraction conveniently located on the Gold Coast.

When you arrive at Holoverse you are greeted by friendly staff who set you up with state of the art lightweight equipment. You are then taken you to your hologram room where you can experience real holograms that you can actually interact with and walk through! Imagine a fantastic movie, combined with the thrill of an amusement park, to create the ultimate entertainment experience.


You can visit wondrous new worlds, explore ancient civilizations, fight robots with swords and guns, or turn into dragons to battle your friends in the sky! You will even be able to see your own holographic wings flapping on your back.

In June this year the world’s first hologram centre opened on the Gold Coast. It’s a 1700 square metre indoor entertainment centre that uses advanced hologram technology to project artificial worlds around you. One minute you can be patting a lion in Africa, the next you can be swimming in the ocean. You can jump down holes, fly through the sky, but it’s all completely safe, holograms are made of light.

The centre is called Holoverse. It has 40 hologram rooms, a new technology that projects objects that appear solid. In many ways they are like the holodeck from Star Trek.

This is a world first and its certainly unlike anything you’ve done before.

Holoverse was developed in Queensland Australia and uses cutting-edge hardware and software to push the limits of what was ever possible before, to bring you into holographic worlds like you have only imagined.

To avoid queues book your Holoverse Expereince through BIG4 Gold Coasts friendly ReservationsTeam for an adventure you will never forget!

Call our friendly reservations team or pop into the office when you are in the park to book.


Call: 1300 789 189

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