Eternalise Your Memories

Holidays never last long enough but sometimes reliving the memories can be worth just as much! And what better way to eternalise your memories than through photography? 

Where the best memories are made

Holiday photos are invaluable when it comes to reminiscing about times past, but it can sometimes be difficult to remember to take them. Luckily, our park and Narooma give plenty of inspiration and amazing locations. Some of our favourite local photo spots include:

  • Our own waterfront! Sunsets in front of our park are absolutely stunning and capturing silhouettes works especially well if you're feeling artsy
  • Your cabin veranda. Also a great spot for capturing sunrise and sunset, but even better for interactions with resident rainbow lorikeets
  • The iconic Australia Rock is a must-location for a family photo shoot and it's almost impossible not to get a great shot
  • A stroll along the Narooma Marina will most likely get you face-to-face with local wildlife pelicans, fur seals and massive rays
  • A trip to Montague Island is a must while staying with us and will fill your phone gallery with invaluable memories in no time
  • The cute little boat sheds a short walk from the park make great object when the family has tired of posing

Take a family walk and see how many locations you can tick off! Remember to tag us when posting on social media so we can see your photos too, and so that others can be inspired to visit.


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