BIG4 Sunshine Resort

Shipwreck Island Water Park

The centrepiece of Shipwreck Island is "The Golden Rose" - a pirate ship with a huge tipping bucket, water cannons, and 3 awesome slides. The kids can clamber up the rope on to the bow and into the crow's nest to see land ahoy or avoid the water cannons and swim under the deck to see if they can see what the Pirate has in his stash in the hull of the ship.

Skull cave is somewhere to hide from fellow pirates, mermaids and scallywags - the eyes cry water and their imaginations can run wild!

If you are lucky enough to come in school holidays, watch out for Cap'n Black & Cap'n Sharkeye as they duel on the golden rose, then help them search for the treasure, buried somewhere in BIG4 Sunshine!

BIG4 Sunshine's guide to being a Fearsome, Swashbuckling Awesome Pirate!

Fashion Tips:

  • Wear a Black & Red Bandana on your noggin
  • Wear your sword tightly to your belt to be prepared for swashbuckling action at all times
  • Put your gold DOUBLOONS in your treasure chest & bury them so no one else can find them
  • Carry your Parrot on your shoulder at all times
  • Don't forget your eye patch & to walk with a swagger!

How to Talk like a Pirate:

  • Start your sentences with AYE
  • End your sentences with ARRGGGHH
  • Call your friends MATEY
  • Call all your enemies SCOUNDRALS
  • Use words like BLAST, YaaaRRR, AHOY me harties, Yo HO HO

Pirate Jokes:

  • What's orange & sounds like a carrot: A PARROT!
  • Why are Pirates called Pirates? They just AARRGG!
  • What is a Pirates favourite letter? C (Sea!)
  • How much does a pirate's treasure cost? An ARM & a LEG!

Tips and Inspiration

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