Spot Koalas in Lemon Tree Passage

One of our favourite eco-friendly family activities is going koala spotting! Nearby Tilligerry Habitat is one of the best places in Port Stephens, and in NSW, to spy these fluffy little creatures.

How to Spot Koalas

 Spotting koalas can sometimes be difficult but there are some tricks that can help you:

  • Look up! Koalas sleep in different kinds of trees, not just Eucalypt.
  • Look down. Fresh droppings are a great sign that a koala is near.
  • Look on trees for scratches or shredded bark.
  • Look early in the morning or in the evening. These are the best times to spot them.
  • Listen! During breeding season (August-December) both males and females call out for each other.
  • Feel the temperature. Hot days will make koalas sit higher in the trees to catch the breeze, or in dense, shady trees. On cold days, they are often spotted in a fork of a tree or in a nice and sunny spot.
  • See where koalas have been spotted recently on the Port Stephens Koala Sightings Map.

We wish you the best of luck on your upcoming searches!

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