BIG4 Koala Shores Port Stephens Holiday Park

5 basketball hoop games for the whole family

Bring back the days before smartphones and tablets entered our lives and get the whole family playing together!

Here at BIG4 Koala Shores Holiday Park we have plenty of open spaces to enjoy fun family activites such as cricket, footy, soocer or even hide-and-seek. As if that wasn't enough, we also have s volleyball court, tennis court, and a basketball hoop. See listed below 5 of our favourite basketball games that the whole family can join in on!

1. Knock Out

For Knock Out you'll need two basketballs and two or more players. Players form a line at the free throw line and each of the first two shooters get one ball. The first player shoots and if he/she misses, the following player can 'knock out' the first by scoring before the first player gets a chance to score on the rebound. If the first player makes the shot before the second, the ball moves to the next player in line who's mission is to knock out the second player. The first player moves to the end of the line and the game continues until all players are knocked out but one!

 2. Around the World

This game also requires two or more players and one basketball. The point of the game is to 'go around the world' by shooting from pre-established points spots on the ground. The first player make:

  • a layup
  • a shot between the basket and the free throw line
  • a free throw
  • a 20-foot shot from the wing
  • a 3-point shot 
  • a shot from half court

Once the player has completed all shots, he or she must make his or her way back to the basket by making every shot again, ending with the layup. Usually, the player must score all shots in a row or start over. But to make the game a bit quicker, you can allow each player to stay on the spot where they missed while they wait for their next turn.

3. Firing Squad

This game is a different version of Around the World, but instead of only having one ball, all players shoot at the same time until the first player has made a complete trip around the court.

4. Golf

Simliar to golf, in this game the lowest score wines, and shots are tallied with each attempt the player takes to make the basket. This game requires two or more players and one single ball. The first player begins from a pretedermined spot that is the first hole. If he or she makes the basket on the first attempt, the score for the first hole is one. If the shot misses, the player has to grab the ball from where they caught the ball on the rebound. The score for the hole will be the number of shots it took to make the basket. Continue doing this from 18 different spots on the court and by the end, the lowest score wins!

5. Musical Basketballs

As you might have guessed, this game is like musical chairs, but with basketballs. For this game you'll need one ball per player and some sort of speaker to play music (or a singer!). Start by putting all the balls in a circle while all players walk around the balls to the music. Once the music stops, each player grabs a ball and makes a shot. The first player to make the basket sits down, and so one until the last standing player is out.

Make sure you try at least one of these games on your next stay with us and remember we have a whole heap of other fun, family-friendly activities on offer.

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