So you think you know Australia? Take the test

For the May edition of the BIG4 Australian Travel Quiz, we continue the widespread coverage of our nation’s landscape. Whiz around Australia from east to west and north to south and everywhere in between.

Start the 20-question multiple choice quiz now. Good luck, trivia buffs.

Question 8 asks where is this icon located?

Question 8 asks where is this icon located?

Mild – (one pointers)

1. In which Australian city would you find Federation Square?

A) Canberra.

B) Alice Springs.

C) Perth.

D) Melbourne.


2. What is the name of a famous rainforest in Queensland?

A) The Raintree.

B) The Daintree.

C) The Dametree.

D) The Dainty.


3. Where are the Flinders Ranges?


B) SA.

C) WA.

D) SA and NT.


4. Western Australia’s Bungle Bungle Range contains what?

A) Coarse language. It’s a song by Australian hip-hop act the Hilltop Hoods.

B) A collection of rusted, piled up cars.

C) A series of colourful, ancient sandstone domes.

D) Australia’s longest inland beach.


5. New South Wales’ Blue Mountains has a well-known landmark named what?

A) The Three Brothers.

B) The Three Jokers.

C) The Three Sisters.

D) The Three Stooges.


6. What is the Puffing Billy?

A) An iconic Victorian railway.

B) A famous chain-smoking patron at Cairn’s Royal Hotel.

C) A well-known Murray River paddlesteamer.

D) A legendary car race through the Northern Territory.


7. Where would you find the Granite Belt wine region?

A) SA.

B) WA.




8. The Bell Tower (pictured) is an icon of which Australian city?

A) Townsville.

B) Perth.

C) Sydney.

D) Newcastle.

Recognise this? Go to question 12 for more.

Recognise this? Go to question 12 for more.

Medium – (two pointers)

9. The Manning River is located in which state?




D) All of the above.


10. The Queensland city of Toowoomba has earned what nickname?

A) The Disco City.

B) The Garden City.

C) The Golf City.

D) The Statue City.


11. What is notable about the historical Fremantle Prison?

A) Each former Fremantle Dockers coach has been forced to spend a night there.

B) It is made out of shells.

C) It is Western Australia’s only World Heritage-listed building.

D) It was twice voted the country’s most haunted structure in Ghost Monthly magazine.


12. In which New South Wales location would you find the Big Prawn?

A) Ballina.

B) Yamba.

C) Coffs Harbour.

D) Tweed Heads.


13. Diamond Island, near Bicheno in Tasmania, is home to what?

A) Diamonds.

B) Penguins.

C) Polar bears.

D) Seals.


14. In which city is Bellerive Oval (Blundstone Arena) located?

A) Gosford.

B) Coffs Harbour.

C) Townsville.

D) Hobart.


15. The New South Wales city of Port Macquarie has a dedicated hospital for what creatures?

A) Snakes.

B) Koalas.

C) Drop bears.

D) Kangaroos.

Question 19: How well do you know Kakadu National Park?

Question 19: How well do you know Kakadu National Park?

Hot – (three pointers)

16. The New South Wales Northern Rivers town of Maclean has a strong link to which group?

A) The Rolling Stones.

B) The Scottish.

C) The Vikings.

D) The Greeks.


17. If you were at the summit of Castle Hill, what would you be overlooking?

A) Townsville and surrounds.

B) Adelaide and surrounds.

C) The Kingdom of Bhutan.

D) The Gold Coast region.


18. What is the approximate height of Australia’s tallest tree?

A) 52m.

B) 100m.

C) 150m.

D) 400m.


19. What common link do Kakadu and Grampians national parks share?

A) They are both World Heritage listed.

B) Both have Aboriginal rock art to view.

C) Each has a rock formation known as the Twinkles.

D) Both are reportedly home to an elusive black panther.


20. In what year did the Sydney Opera House officially open?

A) 1980.

B) 1973.

C) 1977.

D) 1964.



So how do you think you went? Time to check your answers using the answer sheet below.

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