So you think you know Australia? Test your knowledge

It’s time for another round of the BIG4 Australian Travel Quiz. In this April edition, we’re chucking a few doozies your way. Are you ready for the challenge?

As per normal, this is a 20-question multiple choice quiz. Best of luck, geography geniuses.

Question 7 asks which major exhibition is currently running at Bendigo Art Gallery?

Question 7 asks which major exhibition is currently running at Bendigo Art Gallery?

Casual stroll – (one pointers)

1. South Australia’s Adelaide Hills is home to a popular German-influenced town. What is its name?

A) New Munich

B) Dusseldorf

C) Hahndorf

D) Hahns Down


2. Katherine, Cania, and Carnarvon are all what?

A) Gorges.

B) Gorgeous.

C) Waterfalls.

D) Blowholes.


3. The Swan Valley in Western Australia in best known for its…?

A) Beaches.

B) Food and wine.

C) Architecture.

D) Music scene.


4. The trademark feature of Bay of Fires in Tasmania is what?

A) Incredibly colourful rocks.

B) An orange tinge over the water at sunset.

C) The most generous gelato servings at the local ice creamery.

D) A giant David Boon statue.


5. Jindabyne in New South Wales is spotted next to what feature that shares its name?

A) A lake.

B) A mountain.

C) A crop circle.

D) A national park.


6. Monkey Mia in Western Australia’s Shark Bay is renowned for attracting what wild creature?

A) Monkeys.

B) Sharks.

C) Dolphins.

D) Unicorns.


7. Bendigo Art Gallery currently has a major exhibition that details the life of which iconic figure?

A) Alf Stewart from Home and Away.

B) James Dean.

C) Marilyn Monroe.

D) Judy Garland.


8. The historical suburb of Battery Point is found in which capital city?

A) Adelaide, SA.

B) Gold Coast, QLD.

C) Hobart, TAS.

D) Perth, WA.

Question 9: In which region is The Bouddi Coast Walk located?

Question 9: In which region is The Bouddi Coast Walk located?

Testing hike (two pointers)

9. The Bouddi Coast Walk is one of Australia’s most spectacular one-day trails. In which region is it located?

A) South West, WA.

B) North West, TAS.

C) Outback, QLD.

D) Central Coast, NSW


10. The Nut, Breadknife, Sphinx, and Pinnacles are all names of what?

A) Johnny Depp’s newest dogs.

B) Rock formations.

C) Rivers.

D) Mountains.


11. Four Mile Beach is an icon of which Tropical North Queensland destination?

A) Port Douglas.

B) Cairns.

C) Townsville.

D) Tweed Heads.


12. The New South Wales town of Forbes has a link to which intriguing historical theme?

A) The Gold Rush.

B) Bushrangers.

C) The arrival of the First Fleet.

D) The invention of the sewing machine.


13. If you were swimming at Florence Falls, where would you be?

A) Italy, grazie!

B) Mount Field National Park, TAS

C) Wet‘n’Wild water park, QLD

D) Litchfield National Park, NT.


14. Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village in Warrnambool, Victoria has an extremely rare item: it is valued at a whopping $4 million and was recovered from the Loch Ard shipwreck. What is the item?

A) A gold sword.

B) A pirate’s hat.

C) A porcelain peacock.

D) A Nokia flip phone.


15. What do the New South Wales locations of Dubbo, Maitland, South West Rocks, and Wentworth have in common?

A) They are all coastal locations.

B) Each one has an old gaol to explore.

C) They are all former gold-mining towns.

D) Each one has a town hall that’s painted canary yellow.

Question 20: Where is this?

Question 20: Where is this?

Mountain climb (three pointers)

16. If you were watching an AFL match at Aurora Stadium, where would you be?

A) In a galaxy far, far away.

B) Gold Coast, QLD.

C) Geelong, VIC.

D) Launceston, TAS.


17. The South Australian town of Ceduna is best known for what?

A) Its abundant and delicious oysters.

B) It’s home to two former Australian Prime Ministers.

C) It has South Australia’s only remaining Sizzler restaurant.

D) A series of dog statues paying heritage to its droving past.


18. In which holiday hotspot would you find the fishing village of San Remo?

A) Seriously, what’s with the Italian questions?

B) Fraser Island, QLD.

C) Phillip Island, VIC.

D) Rottnest Island, WA.


19. Spectacular Tasman National Park in Tasmania’s southeast boasts what?

A) The world’s thinnest air.

B) The southern hemisphere’s highest sea cliffs.

C) Australia’s coldest waters.

D) Tasmania’s largest collection of the three-eyed dotterel.


20. If someone told you to meet them at Beehive Corner, where would you be?

A) In a sticky situation – I have no idea.

B) Mudgee, NSW.

C) Adelaide, SA.

D) Fremantle, WA.



So how do you think you went? Time to check your answers using the answer sheet below.

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