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Summer outdoor tips and tricks to make your life easier

Ahhh summer. It instantly brings to mind images of relaxing at the beach, the convenience of wearing thongs, eating delicious icy poles and fresh fruit, and catching up with friends over a few cold drinks. But summer can also come with a few unwanted hurdles like sunburn, bugs, and thong blow-outs.

There’s no need to let these pesky challenges get in the way of enjoying the sunshine and well-deserved time off. Our cheap and easy hacks take the hassle out of summer hurdles with the utmost of ease.

In fact, some of these tricks are so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them sooner.

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Three glasses on glass table in garden half filled with brown liquid, with coloured straws and patty pans covering the tops.

A patty pan and straw will prevent freeloading bugs from taking a swig from your drink.

Girl holding blue rubber thong sole up with bread clip under the strap, and her foot in background.

Avoid the dreaded thong blowout by using bread clips as a quick fix. So simple, yet effective.

White ice tray with green blocks and bottle of Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel on wooden table

Freeze aloe vera blocks in an ice cube tray to help soothe unwanted sunburn.

Two hands, one with red nails, holding icy poles over grass with patty pans threaded onto the wooden sticks.

Stop icy poles dripping down your arm by calling on the services of those versatile patty pans.

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