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Top Gun Tasmania offers adventure flights in a high-speed military fast jet. The flights depart from the Top Gun base at Hobart International Airport, a 15-minute drive east of the city.
You can choose from a number of half-day flying adventures, including the Top Gun Jet Adventure; Tactical Jet Profile; Low Level Combat Mission and the Ultimate Jet Adventure. With a former military fighter pilot at the controls of your Jet Provost Mk5, you will experience jet fighter aerobatics; bombing attack and missile defence manoeuvres; low altitude, high speed flying; and the intensity of gravity forces as you hit speeds of over 600 kilometres per hour. You will be given a comprehensive safety and mission brief and outfitted in a full military pilot flying suit, helmet, oxygen mask and gloves, before stepping onto the tarmac for the flight of your life.
If slightly slower, classic aerobatics is more your style, you can join a flight aboard the CJ6 Nanchang "War Bird" - an authentic ex-military warplane. The Cirrus SR20, the sports car of small aircraft, is also available for friends to watch the top gun flight from the air.
Also available are fantastic Warbird Adventure Flights starting from AUD595.

Hobart International Airport
Cambridge,Hobart, Tasmania

Admission Costs

From : $1,995.00 To : $3,500.00


Top Gun Tasmania Tour

The Aircraft - British Aircraft Corporation Jet Provost 5 Military Jet Trainer looks good, sounds good and smells like adventure. The British made military ground attack training jet aircraft was designed for reliability and safety. The Jet Provost was manufactured into five different variants, and used extensively by the British Royal Air Force and several other Air Forces around the world. The combat variant of the Jet Provost five, called the Strikemaster, was designed to carry two machine guns, four bombs and up to 72 rockets. A total of 2000 pounds of bombs or other ordinance can be carried. The aircraft has a top speed of 700 kph and is powered by the Rolls Royce Viper turbo jet engine producing 2,500 pounds of thrust. The Jet Provost can climb to 33,000 feet in altitude and perform smooth yet exhilarating air combat manoeuvre aerobatics. Another great feature of the Jet Provost is that the pilot and passenger sit side by side. The passenger sits right up next to the pilot in the "co-pilot's" seat where they can see the same breathtaking views, all the aircraft instruments, and watch the pilot first hand as he skilfully manoeuvres the jet through the sky!

  • Duration
  • Pets Allowed
  • Disabled access
  • Pick up available
  • Price range
    $1,995.00 to $3,500.00

Tariffs are based on touring only. No meals included.

Last updated on: 23 September 2015

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